Friday, February 10, 2006

Making Sense of Investing: A Guide to the Essentials


Whether you are a new investor, or an experienced investor looking for a way to make sense of it all, this guide is for you. The guide will introduce you to a comprehensive investing strategy you can understand and put together step-by-step.

The Guide Will Enable You To:

Implement the five essentials of investing
Understand and manage risk
Evaluate and select mutual funds
Recognize and control the devastating effects of cost
Develop and write an Investment Policy Statement
Evaluate and choose an Investment Advisor
Locate a large collection of reference material


CHAPTER 1: The Five Essentials

CHAPTER 2: Develop An Asset Allocation Plan

CHAPTER 3: How Diversification Works

CHAPTER 4: Diversifying A Portfolio With Asset Classes

CHAPTER 5: Costs are a BIG DEAL

CHAPTER 6: Building Your Portfolio - A look at the Options

CHAPTER 7: Rebalancing

CHAPTER 8: Formalize Your Investment Plan

CHAPTER 9: On Your Own Or Hire An Advisor

CHAPTER 10: Final Thoughts, References, Glossary


Many thanks to Jan Marks, Bob N. and Tim Wright for their invaluable help. Thanks to the Vanguard Diehards for helping me make some sense of it all. Special thanks to Taylor Larimore for his tireless assistance to others. And finally, thanks to Bill Schultheis, Larry Swedroe, Rick Ferri and all authors and contributors who are giving us the investing education we never had, and never knew about.

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